From Here to Equality Book and Podcast Discussion

For every dollar owned by white households in the United States, black households own just ten cents. How did such inequality come to be in a country that declares that all humans are created equal? What can we do to relieve inequality? What should we do? These and other questions are the subject of William Darrity and Kirsten Mullen’s book From Here to Equality and of the companion podcast The ARC of Justice.

The Justice and Equality Team invites you to join us for a 6-week discussion based on the book and podcast. At each discussion we will:

  • Listen to an episode of the podcast

  • Discuss what we learn

  • Talk about how we might respond

The discussion will be framed by the podcasts, but you are also welcome to read along with the book and bring insights from your reading into the discussion. We’ll refreshments at the first and last meetings.



Episode 1 - Not So Long Ago: One Nation Under Slavery


Episode 2 - This Land is My Land


Episode 3 - A Tale of Two Cities: How the Federal Government Promoted Housing Segregation and Thwarted Black Home Ownership



Episode 4 - Whitening the Middle Class




Episode 5 - White Brutality



Episode 6 - Paying the Debt (video)